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* 2006-12-12
Fit Technologies anounced today that they release a new updates for mobile QR reader ,MagicQR Reader. And they set the limitation to QR code version 2for the free download version, with this free trail version , the user could try almost all the URLs decodings, If selecting FitQR encoding, the MagicQR reader could be used for reading-and-linking URLs easily....... Read More >>

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Fit Technologies Java手机QR码识别上网软件--magicQR


Fit Technologies recently declared that they had updated the 2D MagicQR software on the basis of Java mobile phone. The software was at first used as the developing test software on the mobile phone QRCode decoding test. With the gradually heated demanding of scan-and-link to web site in China, Fit Technologies decided to update the software to offer it freely to clients with the limitation of some functions. The measure undoubtedly added imagination to 2D barcode application in the fields of mobile communication. Now China mobile has decided to cooperate with the mobile phone manufacturer, preparing to put forward the QRCode software of scanning to go on the Internet on the intelligent mobile phone platform (Symbian mobile phone system). Fit Technologies’ 2D barcode software suits most common java mobile phones, including the intelligent mobile phone platform supporting java. This is the breakthrough in China, which means most non-intelligent mobile phone users in China can also enjoy the exciting experience of scanning the barcode to go on the Internet.

Fit Technologies’ mobile phone barcode reader software MagicQR is free for downloading,but the free version only supports QRCode of version 1. For higher version’s QR code identification, it’s still under discussion whether, how and when to open it to the public free. MagicQR adopts fitQRCode SDK (Fit Technologies QRCode development package) researched on Fit Technologies’ own, including both QRCode encoding and decoding engines. Both of them can be used on the Java supporting mobile phones. This widely supported platform can be easier to spread QRCode in the fields of mobile value adding, advertisement value adding , service and entertainment, good current, fake proof, electronic ticket business, etc.

QRCode is an international standard code approved by the international standard organization in July, 20000. Later China national standard committee edited it and made Chinese national QRCode standard, which made it more adaptable to China, Japan and other countries with languages of multiple characters. With high encoding efficiency and high speed of identification, it has the advantages of powerful correction ability, good encryption and all round identifying, etc. Fit Technologies’possessing the intellectual property rights, this is where QRCode is superior to other code systems. Fit Technologies’ QRCode solving project bear both international and Chinese national standards and has Fit Technologies’ own encoding solving plan. Highly efficient fit QR encoding method has been developed specially for the mobile value adding service, by which the efficiency of norm QRCode encoding has risen by more than 20%.

Fit Technologies is a hi-tech company, devoted to application software development in the field of mobile communication. Its QRCode software development package has made the breakthrough on the method of the now existing basic software, application software, system service, market business managed by one company independently. It is focused on the research and development of basic technique software and specially offers the third part the solving project of mobile phone 2D application system and technique support. It lays the foundation on the mobile value adding service and advertisement value adding, the wide spread and application of 2D barcode in the service and entertainment business.

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