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March 8,2007
Cosvy HK announced to select FitQRCode™ SDK to enhance their MRP system         
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Nov 12,2006
  A new FitQRCode™ SDK released. MagicQR™ Updates is also ready
Oct 17,2006
  MagicQR™ free download started
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May 28,2006
  FitTek release FitQRCode™ encoder SDK. available for Windows, Java, J2ME enveriment
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May 18,2006
  Fit Technologies Inc. releases the first QR code reader for java mobiles- MagicQR™ V1.0.0
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Fit Technologies Inc. focuses on development of novel technology and delivering customized solutions for clients. Fit Technologies' team of professionals designs, develops and implements customer focused solutions aimed at improving business processes and operations. Fit Technologies,Fit Your business,Fit your life!

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Standard QR code encoding ,additional with special ,secure encoding mode, make your mobiles as e-tickets,e-coupons.

FitQRCode™ Encoder SDK

Multi-platform QR code decoder from Fit Technologies Inc. is available for Windows, .Net, Java, J2ME, Symbian and Linux platforms, simple and easy to use API for developers speeds up your mobile business integration process.

FitQRCode™ Decoder SDK

MgaicQR™ -- a small application comes from Fit Technologies Inc. integrated FitQRCode™ SDK is the first QR Code reader program running on J2ME featured mobile device. you can scan QR Code URL and link to related web page and save the link to your mobile ......

Get free MagicQR™ App

FitCoupons™ is a innovion e-coupon management system for sales promotion, focusing on advitisement,and mobile commence. secuQR Code is used for e-coupons.

The FitCoupons™ distribution system is closely integrated with Microsoft.Net frameworks,featured by FitQR Code technologies. FitCoupons™ offers e-coupons to consumers at appropriate time in the consumer's visit to an online website, a sales promotion site and a shop. FitCoupons™ manages coupons issued by merchants or online shops, merchants and online shops define their e-coupons timely,and consumers receive various QRCoupons™ by varity means,include e-mail dilivery ,on-line/off-line printing,or capture it by mobile phones with camera enabled, or just save to on-line canddy.

FitCoupons™ includes ecServer, ecClient, ecManager, ecCode sub system.

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