Outstanding talents, leading technologies, and standardized management provide excellent products and services. Fit Technologies continuously insist on the products’ quality and assure the products and technologies in the lead. The harmonious company culture, employees, products and reasonable goal setting of the service and the enterprise guarantee Fit Technologies’ rapid and stable development. Combining the market’s demands with the advanced technologies, products with high quality and great functions are produced. Being professional, we are leading!

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Following the principle of clients and service first, Fit Technologies gather techniques experts and products experts to offer services of products and professional services that meet our clients.

> Fit QRCode---QRCode(Quick Response Code) SDK and its application and development.
> Fit MagicQR---Mobile phone barcode identification software
> Fit School---Education information interaction platform and application and development
> Fit SMS---Intellectual short message interaction platform
> Fit Tea---Tea leaves information and application and development
> Fit Office---Enterprises’ wireless office system and application and development
> Fit Customer---Clients’ relationship management( CRM )revolutionary tool
> Other computers and mobile communication software entrusting development

YOU are always propelling us to continuously put forward new satisfactory products!

   Fit™QRCode SDK
   Fit™MagicQR Reader
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