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Fit™QRCode is a Software Development Kit from Fit Technologies, which can be used on QR code encoding/decoding developments. It is the first cross-platform QRCode SDK in China.,Supporting both ISO international standard, China national standard and Japan JIS standard, as well as Fit Technologies' efficient encoding method and secure-encoding method. It is used in well-known platforms and systems such as Windows, Linux, Windows CE/Mobile, Symbian,.Net, Java, J2ME, supporting developing language like C/C++,? Java, .Net, etc. other platforms are also available on request.

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FAQ for Fit™QRCode SDK

Q: Why do you choose FitQRCode SDK?
A: FitQRCode is the 1st QRCode software development Kit in China supporting J2ME. Choose FitQRCode SDK, and you can do the development only once, but run it everywhere, saving your developing and maintaining costs.

Q: What standard does FitQRCode support?
A: FitQRCode supports ISO/IEC international standards, GB/T China national standards, JIS Japanese standards. Fit QRCode also has the encoding method and encrypted encoding method developed by Fit Technologies itself in order to meet the various needs of different kinds of clients on different occasions.

Q: Can I use FitQRCode SDK developing mobile phone in Windows environment?
A: Certainly. You can use following developing tools:

  • Sun JDK + Sun WTK
  • Sun JDK + NetBean + NetBean Mobility
  • Sun JDK + Eclipse + MobilePack

Q: Does FitQRCode SDK have the free version?
A: Yes. You can download free version from the website (http://www.efittech.com/cp_7_1.html). There's no free version for QRCode decoder because of techniques.

Q: My mobile phone is Nokia Symbian intelligent mobile phone. Can it run Magic QR?
A: Of course. As long as S602 or above.

Q: What's the least necessity to run the application software on the basis of QRCode SDK for J2ME?
A: Your equipment should at least support CLDC 1.1.

Q: Does FitQR decoder need mobile phones with camera shoots?
A: Not necessarily. QRCode is not related to the equipment. As long as it meets the relevant demands, it can decode. Even without mobile phones, it can also decode, not to say if without camera shoots. But if you hope to take pictures to decode directly, you need mobile phones with camera shoots.

Q: How large is FitQRCode's coral code?
A: The J2ME version is less than 50kb.

Q: What's the limitation of freely downloaded FitQRCode SDK decoder?
A: FitQRCode Encoder Trial is free software. You can produce QRCode with limited size. In addition, you can't apply this software for business purpose. For business purpose, you should get the business version from Fit Technologies.

Q: How to obtain MagicQR business version?
A: Contact Fit Technologies market staff.

Q: Why can't my mobile phone with camera shoot decode by taking photos?
A: It's probably because your Java mobile phone doesn't support or not completely JSR135, namely not supporting the snapshot function.

Q: Can MagicQR run on Linux mobile phone?
A: Certainly. Magic QR has already been tested on real equipment, such as Motorola, A1200, etc.

Q: Does FitQRCode SDK support other IDE?
A: Yes.

Q: What are the features of Fit QRCode's supporting unique encoding method?
A: FitQRCode SDK's unique encoding method is more adapted to English and URL content encoding, which is increased by 20%-30% of the standard encoding method. Besides, FitQRCode places internal data encryption calculation, which can encrypts the encoding content.

Q: Does FitQRCode SDK support Windows operating system?
A: Yes. Now FitQRCode supports Windows 2000/XP and the above versions,as well as Microsoft.Net Framework1.1 and the above versions.

Q: Does FitQRCode SDK support QR identification software on Symbian mobile phones?
A: Yes.

Q: Using FitQRCode to program QRCode identification software, can it run on Symbian different versions?
A: Yes. As long as your Symbian platform supports CLDC1.1, it can run your developed application program.


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