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Fit™ QRCode Encoder SDK

Supports Windows/Java/J2ME/Linux/Symbian/Window Mobile Platforms

Fit™QRCode SDK

Fit™QRCode is the first release of QR Code encoding/decoding SDK supporting J2ME device in the world.QR Code(Quick Response Code) is a matrix code developed by Nippondenso ID Systems and is in the public domain. QR Code symbols are square in shape and can easily be identified by their finder pattern of nested alternating dark and light squares at three corners of the symbol. Maximum symbol size is 177 modules square, capable of encoding 7366 numeric characters, or 4464 alpha numeric characters. One important feature of the symbology is its ability to encode directly Japanese Kanji and Kana characters. QR Code is designed for rapid reading using CCD array cameras and image processing technology because of the layout of the finder pattern.

Fit™QRCode include FitQRCode Encoder and FitQRCode decoder,available on Windows/Linux and Java run time enveriment.We offer binary files for Windows 2000/XP,Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 or J2SE or J2ME runtime environment,and supports Visual Studio 2003,JDK1.5 or WTK2.2 development tools. Fit™QRCode is a ease-of-use SDK,you can check the samples comes with SDK and the online encoding demo.If you have a special requirement or need we would be glad to customize our product for your specific application.

Fit™QRCode Encoder SDK

Fit™QRCode Encoder is a software development kit(SDK) for QR Code barcode,optimized encoding mode algorithm can select numeric, alphabet, binary and Chinese,Japanese mode. error correction level L,M,H,Q is supported,with the Encoder,you can control the QR Code symbol image size,orientation,color,and data format.

Support Standards:
>ISO/IEC 18004
>GB/T 18284-2000
>JIS X 0501

Key features:
>Encoding mode: numeric,alphabet,binary,Japanese,Chinese,FitQR*1
>Error correction level - L(7%),M(15%),H(25%),Q(30%)
>Output:Binary pixels stream,JPEG,PNG,GIF,BMP,etc.
>Orientation:0,90,180,270,360 degrees

*1 FitQRCode Encoder supports numeric,alphabet,binary,Japanese and Chinese encoding mode. and additional with FitQR encoding mode optimized for url data.

Further more ,FitQRCode encoder supports data encryption to meet your special needs.

Fit™QRCode Encoder trail version has the same functionality as the release version with the following restriction:

  • Supports QR code version 1-2 only
  • Not support FitQR encoding mode

Click to see online QR code encoding sample page.

Free trail version 1.1 for FitQRCode encoder is release now:
> FitQRCode Encoder 1.1 for Windows (ActiveX COM component)
> FitQRCode Encoder 1.1 for .Net Framework1.1 (.Net component)
> FitQRCode Encoder 1.1 for Web (.Net component)

> FitQRCode Encoder 1.1 for Java(J2SE 5.0) Trail version is available on request.
> FitQRCode Encoder 1.1 for J2ME Trail version is available on request

For customers with .Net framework 1.1 or later,please download Fit™QRCode Encoder for .Net free trial version.For online QR code creation,please download Fit™QRCode Encoder for Web .this is a special Encoder for ASPX pages. Its ease-to-use,you can integrated QR code creation even without coding skills.

For customs without .NET runtime environment,please use ActiveX COM component。

If you are using previous version, please updates your SDKs.

For more information about Fit™QRCode Encoder SDK,please call 86 (10) 58895939 ext 812 or send E-Mail to: QRDev@efittech.com

Fit™QRCode ease-of-use, effective QR Code SDK,helps you to enhance your e-commence!

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