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Fit Technologies’ several senior researchers have rich experience working overseas or in cross-country companies. They adopt international management and operation methods to continuously carry out the tracing researches and application development on technologies and markets, which is your ideal choice to expand your mobile E-commerce application.

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Fit™ Office
-- An Innovative System for Modern Enterprise

FitOffice is the mobile office system on the basis of wireless communication technologies and Internet techniques. Including modules of management on products, information, items, daily schedules, it lets the employees going outdoor keep in contact with the companies’ net whenever and wherever they are, gaining the latest information and commands to hand in the new clients’ profiles and achieved working progress information to the company.

FitOffice has the reminding function and can research the data that meet the needs in the data base according to the set conditions and automatically send them to the relevant receivers.

FitOffice has the function of name cards category arrangement and can send and receive according to the department limits.

FitOffice supports E-mails, short messages, WAP, Java and so on. It can use laptops, PDA, mobile phones to realize the contact between companies and clients.

Fit™Office Everybody,Everywhere,Any time , Exciting Mobile Business!
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