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Fit™MagicQR is an application used FitQRCode SDK,support standard java-enabled mobile phone in the market.FitMagicQRis the first cross-platform release for QR code in the world.it supports ISO/IEC,China GB/T and Japan JIS standard,as well as FitQR encoding solution. With MagicQR,you could scan QR code image then connect to web sites,save as bookmarks,send as SMS message. MagicQR if free for end-user clients. MagicQR can run on Symbian,Linux and Windows mobile platform. Fit™QRCode is a high performance,low-cost,cross-platform QR code SDK release from Fit Technologies Inc.avaliable for Windows, .Net, Java, J2ME, Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile target platform and OS, provide with C/C++ library(DLL/Static), Java class library,.Net class library.

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Fit™ MagicQR
--QR Code Idendify Software for Mobile Device

QR Code Identify software for mobile MagicQR is released from Fit Technologies Inc. MagicQR can run on all mobile device featured CLDC1.1 and MIDP2.0,with snapshot function,you can scan QR code image and recognise the URL informatin ,then connect to the website. MagicQR is the first release for java phone to decode QR image. With smartphone and PDA, some stuffs has been released from serveral other companies in the world. MagicQR embeded FitQRCode Decoder engine for J2ME V1.2.

Download MagicQR software for mobile right now,Make your mobile cool!

Fit™Mobile MagicQR is the world leading QR code application from Fit Technologies. it can read ISO/IEC,GB/T,JIS compatiable QR code. At the present MagicQR is free for download,you just provide your e-mail box or mobile phone number,you can get a free copy of MagicQR for non-commercial use.

MagicQR embeded FitQRCode SDK from Fit Technologies, run quickly,require less hardware resource,run on most CLDC1.1-Compatiable platform. Lear more details >>

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