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FitSchool, the information interactive platform is elaborately designed and independently developed by inside specialists with many years’ business experience, gathering advantages and priorities. Compared with the existing school and home system on the market, FitSchool has the breakthrough in the operating method and will considerably promote the market to more standard operation. With modern mobile communication, .Net and Java technologies and on the basis of Web operating system, FitSchool makes full use of modern communication tools, mobile phones’ information exchange and process ability. It has rich and powerful teaching management ability, highly praised by several schools when using it. The system at the same time has rich short message collections and online information exchange functions.

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Fit™ School
--An Education Information Interactive Platform

Through non-touching intelligent identification card unifies schools’ various teaching resources effectively. With wireless communication net service and Internet service, it connects the school with the home, the teachers with the parents and students, forming an efficient and smooth co-educating platform for both schools and parents.

Schools receive the information from students’ parents by Fit™School, which can automatically analyze and process the information and then transfer it to relevant teachers or automatically reply to parents.

Teachers use Fit™School to send the school’s activity announcements, students’ behavior in their study, evaluation on the students and advice to parents accurately to students’ parents to help educate.

Students’ parents can selectively order to receive the information about their children’s study and life from the school, the teachers and even the student leaders according to parents’ own demands and their children’s study conditions, learning the latest information about their children’s study and life in school at any time.

Students can at any time communicate and raise questions through Fit™School, making the information communication between teachers and students easier, more convenient and more sufficient.

Fit™School supports GSM mobile phones, CDMA mobile phones, PHS phones, telephones and Internet communication, which can be utilized by different schools. This system’s operation and maintaining can be easily learned. Special management faculty is not needed, especially suitable for those primary schools and middle schools with quite low information degree.

Fit™School, Make Home&School Communication Directly and Smoothly!


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