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FitCustomer is a kind of management concept, aiming at realizing the market sales activities in the center of clients by means of identifying clients, categorizing clients to provide personal service with accordance of different clients, increasing the value of clients’ whole cycle It firstly acts as the strategies of the clients and the sales, but it will have impacts on enterprises’ whole production and business rather than limited to the foreground sales. FitCustomer software focuses on the relevant business process or management determination of enterprises and clients. Compared with standard ERP, it lays more emphasis on the foreground system.

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Fit™ Customer
--the innovative product of CRM

>Fit™Customer is CRM system that can be easily used, arranged and updated. Its module design can let the clients select the most demanding functional module and arrange it by means of modules, cutting down the clients’ initial costs and difficulty.

>Fit™Customer system is a complete CRM resolution project with powerful functions, advanced technologies and convenient utilization, providing enterprises with products sales, clients services and market sales.

>Fit™Customer, on the basis of platforms and modules, can be designed according to the clients’ demands and be connected to the clients’ business procedures smoothly.

>Fit™Customer is able to arrange and maintain on one server on the basis of WEB design of 3-layer B/S structure. The clients’ terminals needn’t to install or maintain it. With high level of safety and easy maintaining, it can decrease enterprises’ TCO. Whenever and wherever you are, as long as it can be connected to the Internet, it can be used flexibly.

>Fit™Customer has various information interfaces that can be collected systematically with the companies’ existing information, sharing the information and improving efficiency.

>Fit™Customer guarantees that the companies internally use united and powerful sales tools to communicate with clients, enforcing the internal cooperation more firmly. Meanwhile, by impressing the clients on a united company’s image, clients’ satisfaction and loyalty can be strengthened. No matter how employees in and out, companies can always remain communication with clients in unanimity.

>Fit™Customer makes full use of modern communication technologies and supports the Internet, GSM/CDMA wireless communication net, completely realizing the interaction whenever and wherever you are

Fit™Customer,Fit™ Your Business!

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